Wee Disciples Preschool Lead Testing Results

On January 17, 2017 Illinois State Public Act 99-922 went into effect mandating testing for lead in drinking water at any school building facility, daycare, or preschool that was constructed, or a portion of which was constructed, before January 1, 2000.  The Act also requires facilities to notify parents and staff of lead level results above 5 ppb (or ug/l). In early August 2017, the Trinity Lutheran Church Head Trustee performed a comprehensive sampling for lead from 5 potable water sources throughout Trinity Church and Wee Disciples Preschool in accordance with the new public act. The source of potable water is defined as any water that may be ingested by children or used for food preparation including taps, faucets, drinking fountains and wash basins in a classroom, but excludes bathroom sinks and wash basins used by janitorial staff.

To comply with this new legislation, Trinity Lutheran Church contracted PDC Laboratories in Peoria, IL, to perform the Lead testing on our water samples.   Samples were drawn on August 18, 2017.  PDC Laboratories conducted testing on August 21, 2017, and we received results via email on Sept. 7, 2017.   All water sources within Wee Disciples Preschool classroom and the water fountain in the hallway of Trinity Church were below 5 ug/l and are safe for use.  One sink(metal) in the church kitchen tested above the 5 ug/l.   This sink has never been used by Wee Disciples Preschool staff and will never be used by staff at Wee Disciples Preschool for any preschool related activity.  To view the results of the lead testing please click on the following link.



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