Counting Fun–Rote Counting

Rote counting is the skill of saying numbers in the correct order from memory.   The goal in preschool is to challenge the child to independently count from 1 to 20 (or above) without skipping any numbers.   Most preschool programs practice rote counting daily with the use of a calendar.   At Wee Disciples we count to the number of the day…so if the date is 3/27/2020, we count to 27 that day.   While at home with your child during our “Shelter at home”  try looking at a calendar each day and practice counting to the number of the day with your child.
Other ways to reinforce or practice Rote Counting are:
1.  Count with your child or have your child count to 10 or 20 while playing a game of hide and seek.
2.  Count with your child or have your child count to 20 while washing their hands.
3.  Count with your child or have your child count while doing any everyday activity like filling the bath tub with water, putting on shoes/clothes, putting clothes in the dryer, cleaning up toys, etc…
4.  Count with your child or have your child count to wait for a turn with a toy, activity, or snack you are preparing.
If your child misses numbers when counting (which is very typical when learning to count) here are some ideas of activities to do to help learn the missed numbers:
1.  Make a number line.  On a long piece of paper write the numbers 1-20 in order in a single line
    a.  Practice pointing to the numbers with your child while he/she or you count.
          -If they miss a number stop and let them know what number they missed.
          -I make this fun by saying…”13 is sad to be forgotten…do not forget to count 13…let us try to count again and do not forget 13″.
          -If your child is forgetting a number, count with him/her to that number repeatedly while pointing to the number line.
    b.  As the child learns how to count to higher numbers add those numbers to the number line.   Some preschoolers can count all the way to 100!
    c.  Using the number line you can work on number recognition by pointing to a number and asking the child “What number am I pointing too”
         Sometimes ask your child to be the “teacher.” Have your child point to a number and you answer.  Try saying the wrong answer and let your child tell you the correct number.
    d.  To challenge kids that are Rote counting to higher numbers, use the number line to show the child how to  count by 10’s, or 5’s.
    e.  Challenge your child to write the numbers in order by copying them from the number line.
2.  Make number cards.  Using index cards or pieces of paper, write one number each on a card from 1-20.   Number cards can also be found at the Dollar Store.
    a.  Practice counting using the cards. Hold cards in a stack from 1-20 in order with 1 on top.  Begin counting and place numbers/cards counted to back of pile.  Repeat.
    b.  Place the cards in a line in numerical order on the table while you are counting to make a number line
    c.  Sequence the number cards..Place the cards 1-10 on the table in a random order.   Ask your child to put the numbers in order.   You may need to start by saying, “Can you find number 1”  and  “What number is next.”   This also helps with number recognition.   If your child has trouble putting the cards in order try smaller numbers like 1-5 first. To challenge a child try using number cards 1-20 or higher.
Hope you have fun with Counting!

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