Counting–Matching numerals to amounts

In preschool, students work on recognizing numerals 1-10, and if that is accomplished, the student is challenged to recognize numbers 11-20 and beyond.  One way to encourage number recognition is to match an amount of objects to a numeral.   This means that when the child sees a 4 or is verbally asked to count out 4, the child can count out and give you 4 of something.   Some ways to practice this skill at home are as follows:
1.  During the day ask your child to give you an amount of something…
    a.  Can I have 3 crackers?
    b.  Can you put out 5 plates for dinner?
    c.  Can you pick up 4 toys?
2.  Show your child a number card with 1-10 numeral on it and ask them to count out objects to that number.
3.   Give your child a small amount of objects and encourage them to tell you the amount, find the number card, find the numeral on the number line, or write the number down(if your child is writing numbers.)
I have attached a worksheet Counting.dots.20 to work on matching a number to amount.   Dots are included on the worksheet to help the your count out the correct amount.   Give your child some cereal, fruit snacks, marshmallows, or small objects.   Ask them to place the objects on the paper to equal or make the amount from 1-10.  So beside number 7 there will be 7 marshmallows in a line–one on each dot.   Reinforce counting by having your child re-count the amount and say the number.   When the child get proficient at matching the number to the amount by using the worksheet, try to challenge your child to count out the amount without the dots.
Have fun counting!

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