Acts of Kindness

Today I wanted to share some ideas on promoting kindness during our Sheltering at Home time.   Kindness is the Christian quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  Jesus is an excellent example of kindness.  He was kind to everyone he met.  There are many safe ways to show kindness to ourselves, our family and friends, and to our community.   Here are a few ideas I found searching online and listening to families:
1.  Call, FaceTime, Video Chat, or Zoom with grandparents, cousins, friends, neighbors–stay connected to the ones we love.
2.  Write a letter or draw a picture to mail, email, or text to a relative, friend, and neighbor.
3.  Tell each of your family members one thing you love about them.
4.  Give a sibling or parent a hug.
5.  Do chores or help out around the house.
6.  Leave a note or small gift for delivery drivers, mail carriers, garbage collectors.
7.  Help prepare a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your family.
8.  Pick weeds from your flower beds and gardens or plant seeds.
9.  Lead a prayer before dinner or bedtime asking for the virus to go away and for everyone to stay healthy.
10.  Host a virtual game night with friends/family.
11.  Place large signs with kind messages in your windows so people can be see then as they walk or drive by.
12.  Draw pictures or kind messages on your sidewalk or driveway using chalk.
13.  Plan a bear(animal) hunt in your neighborhood by asking people to add a stuffed bear(animal) to their windows.  Walk or drive around the neighborhood to find the bears.
14.  Try not to fight with siblings
15.  Pick up trash in your neighborhood when you are on a walk.
16.  Make kindness rocks and put outside your house or at a park for others to take a share with a friend.  Google Kindness rocks for ideas.
17.  Wave and smile at people that pass by your house…be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from other people.
18.  Leave a note or small gift for your neighbor…(ring the bell and run away)
19.  Teach a sibling something new.
20.  Go through toys and clothes for items to donate to others when the stay at home order is lifted.
21.  Wash your parents car.
I hope you can find one task from the kindness list to do today.
Have fun and stay safe!

Our Regular Fall Voters' Meeting was held on November 14, 2021. Please contact the Trinity Office if you would like a copy of the minutes. We'll update this link next when we have details regarding our upcoming Regular Spring Voters' Meeting. God bless you and may the Lord continue to bless our ministries!