Exercising Activities for home

Gross Motor Development and exercising is important for young children.  Gross Motor skills involve the development of large muscles for strength, coordination and control.
Below is a list of Gross Motor activities/skills to try at home:
1.  Jumping/hopping:  
    a.  Jump in place
    b.  Jump forward and backwards
    c.  Jump on 1 foot
    d.  Jump side to side, front to back
    e.  Criss-cross feet when jumping
    f.   Jumping Stars and Jumping Jacks
2.  Walking:
    a.  Walk on a line
    b.  Walk on a balance beam–one foot in front of the other
    c.  Walking up stairs & down using alternate feet
    d.  Walking backwards
    e.  Walk on tiptoes
3.  Running
4.  Galloping 
5.  Skipping
6.  Sit-ups and push-ups and leg lifts
7.  Squats and Lunges
8.  Ball Play
    a. throw a ball
    b. throw a ball at a target
    c. catch a ball
    d. kick a ball
    e. kick a ball at a target
9.  Ride a bike, tricycle, balance bike
10.  Ride a scooter
11.  Climb
12.  Swing
13.  Crab Crawl/Bear Crawl
14. Games:
    a. Relay Races
    b. Animal races (move like an animal)
    c. Obstacle course (with furniture in house and chalk/cones outside)
    d. Balloon Ball
    e. Red Light/ Green Light
    f.  Simon Says
    g. Hopscotch
    h. Follow the leader
    i.  Dance to a favorite song or Freeze Dance–dance and when music stops you freeze like a statue
    j. Tag or Tickle Tag
    k. Sock skating
Have fun

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