Creating Mini Books

I want to finish the week of pre-reading activities with a mini-book project suggestion.   I like to challenge preschoolers to create books of their own.   Creating books with your child encourages pre-reading skills, imagination, as well as, writing and fine motor development.
How to get started:
1.  Prepare some blank books for your child.   You can use copy paper, construction paper, index cards, or any paper that you have.  Take a few sheets of paper and staple the sheets together or use a hole punch and yarn/string to tie the paper together to make a book.  I recommend making several books of different sizes to have available for your child.   You can leave the paper in full sheets, or fold the paper to make smaller books. You can even make the book different shapes like a circle shaped book or apple shaped book or flower shaped book.
2.  Help your child come up with a topic to write about.
3.  Make a title for the book and write it on the front of the book.  This is an opportunity to have your child copy the words on the front of the book or you can write the title for them.
4.  Do not forget to put your child’s name as the author of the book…by Karen  (encourage your child to write his/her name)
5.  Work with your child to draw pictures and write on each page of the book.
6.  When the book is finished read the book together.
7.  Encourage your child to “read” his/her book to others.
Giving your child a few books that you have created for them, may help him/her come up with other ideas for books.   Here are some suggestions to get started:
1.  Create a number book
    a. Title: Egg Hunt
        pages: I went on an Egg Hunt and I saw 1 blue egg,  I saw 2 red eggs, I saw 3 _____ eggs, etc.
    b.  Title:  It is spring
         pages:  It is spring, I see 1 tree., It is spring, I see 2 bunnies., It is spring, I see 3 birds., It is spring, I see               4______.,etc.
    c.  Title:  My Family
         pages:  I have ____ boys in my family.   I have _____ girls in my family.  I have ____pets in my family.
2.  Create a color book
    a.  Title:  Red
         pages:  A stop sign is Red.   An Apple is Red.    A______ is red.
    b.  Title:  Easter Eggs
         pages:  Easter Eggs can be red.   Easter Eggs can be blue.   Easter Eggs can be rainbow….
    c.  Title:  Hair
         pages:  I have blonde hair.  My dad has____hair.   My sister has_____hair.
    d.  Title:  My Cars
         pages:  My toy car is red.   My toy car is blue.   My toy car is yellow and black.
3. More book ideas:
    a.  ABC books:  Apple starts with A, Bear starts with B, etc.
    b.  Rhyming books:  What rhymes with Cat?   Mat rhymes with cat.  Hat rhymes with cat.   etc.
    c.  All about your favorite animal or pet…Pengiuns eat____, Penguins live in_____ ,Pengiuns like to ______,               etc.
    d.  Jesus loves ..Jesus loves John. Jesus loves Mommy.  Jesus loves_____.  etc.
    e.  Books about your child’s favorite toy, interest, TV show, Movie, activities, etc.
I hope you have fun creating books with your child.

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