Science Fun–Rubber Egg & Candy Experiments

With all our Easter Fun over the past weekend, try an egg and candy experiment today.

You will need 1 raw egg, some vinegar and a jar.

  1. Place an egg in a jar and cover it with vinegar. (Add color to the vinegar for colored rubber eggs too)
  2. Wait 24 hours, then drain and refill the jar with vinegar.  Set aside and wait for 7 days. Notice the bubbles on the eggshell?   This is the acid in the vinegar reacting to the calcium carbonate in the egg shell.   This reaction produces a gas called Carbon Dioxide.
  3. After 7 days, remove the egg and rinse it off.   You may need to remove a brown layer of scum from the egg.   It will easily wash away.   The Hard outer shell is gone and the egg white and yolk are surrounded by a thin membrane.
  4. Observe the egg:   What does it feel like?   What does it smell like?   What does it look like?                                                         (Be careful because the egg can still break open)
  5. Take a flash light and shine it thru the egg…can you see the egg yolk?
  6. How high will the egg bounce?     Try dropping the egg from various heights.
  7. After you are all done with your observations, try breaking the egg to see what is inside?
Another fun experiment to try after Easter is a Skittles Candy Experiment.
You will need a white plate or bowl, some Skittles, and water
    1.  Arrange the Skittles on your plate/bowl in a pattern placed in a circle on the outer edge of the plate/bowl.
    2.  Gently begin pouring water in the center of the plate/bowl until the water reaches the Skittles and barely covers them.
    3.  Observe what happens to the Skittles over time.  Give your child a chance to see, smell and listen to what is happening. Talk about what is happening.
    4.  Have your child color a picture of the plate/bowl with Skittles to record the results.
    5.  To further the fun try different types of candy like M & M’s or jelly beans.   Try using cold and warm water.  Try using different liquids.

Have fun with Science!

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