Science Fun with Motion

Today, lets explore motion with our preschoolers.   Motion is the movement from one place to another.  Force is what causes an object to move.   Force can push or pull an object in a certain direction.  Force can cause on object to change directions and move faster.
Getting started:
Take a piece of wood, wooden block, or piece of cardboard and create a ramp by placing one end on blocks, books, or another object and the other end on the floor.   
1.  Gather a small selection of items to see if they roll down the ramp or do not roll down the ramp.   example:  a block does not roll down the ramp…a matchbox car does roll.   
2.  Try rolling balls or cars of different sizes down the ramp.   Which rolled faster…bigger balls or smaller balls?   
3.  Place tape, foam, a placemat, material, or bubble wrap, etc on the ramp …does this slow the roll of objects down the ramp or speed the object up.   
4.  Try making the ramp different angles…for example try 3 blocks and then 6 blocks.   Does the ramp height cause the objects to go slower or faster? 
6.  Make more than one ramp and try to race objects down the ramps.   
7.  What happens if you push an object down the ramp instead of letting it roll on its own?
8.  If your child is having lots of fun with the ramp, try using a paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube with a marble at different heights and make observations.   
Have fun with Science!    

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