Science Fun–Grow a Bean

Grow a Bean Experiment
What you will need:   a lima, kidney or navy bean (or any bean seed from a seed packet), a quart sized ziplock bag, cotton balls or paper towels, water, window, tape
1.  Soak the bean of your choice in water overnight to stimulate the growing process.
        a.  Pull open one of the soaked seeds to see the inside of the seed.   Below is a picture of the parts of a seed.
2.  Dip a few cotton balls or a paper towel in water and place it in the ziplock bag.
3.  Drop 2-3 soaked beans into the bag on top of the soaked cotton balls/paper towel.
4.  Seal the bag.
5.  Hang the bag with tape in a sunny window.
6.  Observe each day to see if the beans are growing.
7.  Keep track of when you started the experiment and when the bean starts to sprout roots and leaves.   How long does it take?
8.  When the bean plant has roots, stem and leaves, try replanting the bean sprout in soil.
Inline image
Have fun with Science…growing a bean!

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