Learning Colors in Spanish

I find that a good place to start when teaching a 2nd language in preschool is to introduce age appropriate concepts/labels in the 2nd language and then to build on that skill.   I like to start with color recognition(because most of the preschoolers have basic color recognition), counting to 10 and basic greetings and then move on to labeling objects and basic commands.   Today I am going to focus on color recognition activities to try at home to encourage learning the basic colors in Spanish.
Basic colors-Los colores
Colors – Los colores
Red – Rojo
Orange – Anaranjado
Yellow – Amarillo
Green – Verde
Blue – Azul
Brown – Marrón
Black – Negro
White – Blanco
Pink – Rosado
Purple – Morado
Grey – Gris
1.  Introduce the Spanish color words–I like to introduce one word at a time(I usually do one color a week), but some kids learn so quickly introducing more is possible.
    a.  Ask your child to label a color in English (ex. Red)…then state in Spanish that color is called…(Rojo).. If you do not know the correct pronunciation, do an online search for English to                 Spanish translations.
    b.  What can you find that is is Red/Rojo?
    c.  Throughout the day label items that are Red/Rojo and ask child to repeat the label or state the label on their own.
2.  Print and cut out color cards like these:
    a.  Use one set of the color cards to review the Engish Colors and then ask your child to label the Spanish colors when they see the color cards.  Make your way through the stack of cards to         practice labeling the colors.
    b.  Play a game to find the matching color card.  Lay the Engish Color cards on the table and have your child match the color with the Spanish color cards.  Practice saying the English label for the color and then the Spanish label for that color.
     c.  Play a memory game using all the color cards.  Place the cards on the table face down.  Take turns choosing 2 cards.  State the Spanish color label each time a card is turned over.   When you turn over two matches you keep the set and continue to find matches until all the matches are found.
    d.  Choose one color card and search for items around your house that are the same color.  Label the color in English and Spanish.   “This block is red or rojo.”
    e.  Have your child choose a color card.   Play “I Spy something (color)” using the Spanish color word.
    f.  Post a set of the Spanish color cards on the fridge or the wall to refer to throughout the day.
 3.  Print out the Spanish Coloring Page .
Help your child find the correct crayon/marker to use to finish the coloring page using the Spanish color label.
Have fun learning Spanish Colors!

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