Learning 1-10 in Spanish

Let’s practice learning numbers 1-10 in Spanish today.
Please print out the number cards 1-10 and cut them out.   You can glue each number card on an index card to make them stronger…at school I would probably laminate the cards to reuse again and again. Tip:  Clear contact paper/shelf paper can be used to cover & “laminate” items without a laminating machine.
Introduce the numbers to your child to work on 1-10 number recognition in Spanish.  For example show the number 1 card and say, “This is one or uno in Spanish”. You can introduce one number at a time or more depending on how quickly your child picks up the Spanish labels.
Also work on rote counting 1-10 in Spanish by using the number cards 1-10 in order and count from 1-10 in Spanish showing your child the cards in order while you count.  You can also sing/rap/chant 1-10 in Spanish or use actions like jumping or clapping while counting in Spanish from 1-10.
Here are some more activities to try:
1.  Count from 1-10 in English, then encourage your child to count from 1-10 in Spanish with you.
2.  Use Counting games to model and encourage counting 1-10 in Spanish:
    a. Play catch and count the number of catches in Spanish.  When you get to 10 start over again.
    b. Play hopscotch and practice saying the numbers in Spanish and counting in Spanish as your child jumps.
    c. Give your child 4 crackers for a snack and count the crackers in Spanish.
    d. Throughout the day ask your child “How many….do you see.”   Then ask them to tell you how many…in Spanish.
    e. Ask your child how old they are, and then ask if they know the number in Spanish.
    f.  Try to play I Spy numbers 1-10 (using Spanish) on signs, in your house, in a book, etc. Use Spanish labels…”Can you find Uno in the house?”   “I Spy the number tres, can you find it?”
    g.  Play a card game like Uno.  When your child puts down a card ask them to say the number of the card in Spanish.
    e.  Play a board game that requires dice.   Have your child count in Spanish to move the number of spaces shown on the dice.
    f.  Play a board game (Candy Land) and have your child count the number of spaces moved in Spanish each time.   ‘
3.  Create a 1-10 Number book with your child (each page is a number of items 1-10. example: one page says: I have 4 trees/quatro trees) and say the numbers in Spanish when you read the book or let your child tell you the number in Spanish on each page.
4.  Posting a number line 1-10 on the refrigerator or wall can also help your child to learn to count to 10 in Spanish.   Practice counting to 10 in Spanish using the numbers in the line to give your child a visual of the number.   You can play a game with your child using the number line by pointing to any number and having them name the number in Spanish or ask them to find/point to the number your request in Spanish.
5.  Look online for Spanish counting videos for preschoolers or cartoons that use Spanish like Dora the Explorer or Diego.
Have fun learning numbers 1-10 in Spanish!

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