Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Art Project

Today I want to introduce a famous artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, to your child.  You may want to start by reading the book, My Name is Georgia, by Jeanette Winter.  Type this link into your computer:
Georgia O’Keeffe loved to paint flowers.  She used bright colors and drew big flowers so that you could see the details of the flowers.   Here are some examples of her artwork:
 Inline image  Inline image Inline image
Art Project for the day:   Create a flower like Georgia O’Keeffe
1.  If you have any real flowers around your house, take some time to look at the flower very closely.   Talk about the petals, the colors, the other parts of the flower that you can see.   If you do not have flowers in your yard, take a walk to see what flowers you can find.   There are also many examples of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings online that you can search for examples.
2.  Challenge your child to create a flower picture using paint, chalk, colored paper, markers, crayons.   Challenge them to create the flower and add the details of the flower like Georgia O’Keeffe.
Here are some examples of some flowers created with different art materials:
Chalk Flower
Inline image
Paper Flower
Inline image
Water Color Flower
Water Color Paint can be made with water and food coloring added or you can use a water color set that you may have at home.  First have your child draw a flower on the paper with pencil or you can draw the flower on the paper in pencil.  Then encourage your child to paint the flower.
Inline image
Have fun with Georgia O’Keeffe Art!

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