Wassily Kandinsky Art Project

Today I want to introduce the artist, Wassily Kandinsky to the students.  I found a book about Kandinsky is called, “The Noisy Paint Box” by Rosenstock.   Try this link to listen to a reading of the story: https://youtu.be/5GkoetdwEOM
Preschooler art is very abstract in nature.    Their artwork does not always look like the product we think it should, but it is their interpretation of it.  Part of the fun of art in preschool is the process of the creation…not the outcome.  We want children to engage in the art process to encourage fine and gross motor development, language development and self expression, cognitive development, and cultural awareness.  Kandinsky created art to express his feelings and emotions.  This is called Expressionism.
The easiest work of Kandinsky art to present to preschooler is “Squares with Concentric Circles.”  Please show this picture of Kandinsky artwork to your child.   Talk about what they see.  Discuss how the circles look…layered on top of each other…bigger to smaller.   Talk about the colors used.
Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913
I have 2 simple ideas for recreating this with your preschooler.
Project with cut out paper circles
1.  Use colored paper and scissors to cut out circles of different sizes/colors and squares of different colors.
2.  Give your child some glue and the cut out shapes and ask them to make a picture like Kandinsky’s artwork.
Project with folded paper.
1.  Take a white piece of paper and fold it to make equal sections (4,6 or 9).
2.  Open the paper up to show the folds in the paper.  (Or draw lines to make sections on the paper)
3.  Encourage your child to draw circles of different sizes with crayons, markers, or paint to make a picture like Kandinsky’s artwork.
Have fun learning about Kandinsky Art!

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