Learning about Andy Warhol Art

Today I want to introduce the students to the artist, Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol created pop art. He like to paint/create art that represented everyday objects like his famous Campbell’s Soup Can and Coca Cola paintings. He also used photos of famous people in his artwork like his Marilyn Monroe artwork. See these below:
     Andy Warhol Handprints       Andy Warhol "Marilyn Monroe" | Pop art marilyn, Andy warhol ...
I found a children’s book called Uncle Andy’s by Warhola to show your child. Here is a link to the story being read on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/aMDQaD8uNGQ
If you liked “Uncle Andy’s,” there is also a book called “Uncle Andy’s Cats” by Warhola for you to share with your child. Here is a link to the story being read on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/Xr-HjJzOai0
Let’s challenge your preschooler to create art like Andy Warhol.
A.  Soup Can Art
1. Show your child the Campbells Soup can painting and ask your child to think of an everyday item they would like to paint/create.
2.  Get an example of the object and give your child some paper and art materials and see how they recreate the object on paper.
B. Marilyn Monroe Art
1.  Show your child the Marilyn Monroe painting and ask your child to think of a person they would like to paint.
2.  Give your child 4 pieces of colored paper.  Ask your child to draw/color/paint a person on each paper.
C.  Handprint Picture
1.  Take equal sized colored paper (4-6 pieces).
2.  Trace your child’s hand on each paper (or paint your child’s hand to create a handprint on the paper).
3.  Encourage your child to color/paint each handprint (cut the handprints out if you want to layer the colors of paper).
4.  Display the handprints together like an Andy Warhol creation.
Have fun creating art like Andy Warhol!

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