The Beautiful Oops..Make your own art!

Many times in the preschool classroom,  I have heard “my picture looks bad,” “I made a mistake,” or “this does not look good”.  Today I want to challenge the thinking that art has to look a certain way.   Art is an expression of who we are.   Making a picture that looks like another picture is fun and helps us learn, yet it is even better if you put your mark on it and do it a different way or your way.   Lets start today by showing the preschoolers the story “Beautiful Oops” by Saltzberg.   Here is a reading of the story:  Beautiful Oops! By Barney Saltzberg
The lesson today is that even a rip, stain, blob, drip can be art.   Its just a matter of how you look at it.   I hope that each of your children will learn to be proud and confident in their art ideas.   There is not a wrong way or right was to create a masterpiece!    Be creative and adventurous!
Another story I enjoy is called “The Dot”  by Reynolds.   Here is a reading of this wonderful story:  The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids
Encourage your child to make a mark…anything is art!   And…don’t forget to sign your name!
Have fun creating art with your preschooler!

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