What to expect

Fellowship JPGTrinity is a warm and caring environment where you can feel at home. Church is not a building! Church is people. It’s God’s family. We not perfect and all are welcome.

We have different service formats. What this means is that the Saturday and Sunday morning (8:30am) services follow the traditional Lutheran liturgy. If you’ve been to (or seen) other liturgical worship services, such a Roman Catholic or an Episcopal service for example, you would notice some similarities. Music-wise at these service we sing well-known and time-honored hymns with the accompaniment of an organ. At the 10:45 service on Sunday morning, we do not follow any liturgy. We have a very simple format and utilize video illustrations and other media to communicate our message. Music-wise, we have a band that leads worship playing contemporary Christian music.
No matter which service you attend, you don’t have to dress up in your “Sunday Best.” We believe that clothing doesn’t really define you–your heart and faith in Jesus does. You can come as you are!

Also , we feel it’s important for you to know that we’re concerned to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you and your family. We have a full service nursery and engaging, Christ-centered activities for your kids.

Lastly, at 9:45am on Sundays, we have a time of fellowship with some food and refreshments. This is followed by Bible study and Sunday School for all ages.