Learning the Letter V

Let’s learn about the Letter V today.
1.  What does the letter V look like?  Show your child the uppercase and lowercase V.   Talk about the differences and similarities.
2.  What sound does V make?   I like to sing a song with the students:
    V says /v/.
    V says /v/.
    Every letter makes a sound.
    V says /v/.
3.  Show the V page (Click here for V coloring page) with objects that start with the letter v…van,vase,etc.   Talk about more words/objects that start with V.
4.  Color the V objects on the coloring page or challenge your child to draw a picture of something that starts with V.
5.  Search for items around your house that begin with V.
6.  Play a game where everyone takes a turn stating a new V word.  The game is over when someone repeats an V word already stated.
7.  Practice tracing and writing the letter V. (click here for V Tracing page)
8.  We have one student whose name starts with V..Valerie. Can you think of any other names that start with V?
Extension activities….
Practice writing words that start with V.
Make a V Book…each page is an object that starts with V.
Read a book about something that starts with V like a volcano book.
Try to find the letter V in the newspaper, a magazine, a book or while you are on a walk…I Spy the letter V
Try making a V with ojbects…put rocks in place to make a V, use sticks to make a V,  use Pretzels to make a V
Have fun with the letter V today!