Learning the letter W

Let’s learn about the Letter W today.
1.  What does the letter W look like?  Show your child the uppercase and lowercase W.   Talk about the differences and similarities.
2.  What sound does W make?   I like to sing a song with the students:
    W says /w/.
    W says /w/.
    Every letter makes a sound.
    W says /w/.
3.  Show objects that start with the letter W…whale,walrus, water, etc.   Talk about more words/objects that start with W.
4.  Color the W objects on the coloring page (Click here for the W Color Page) or challenge your child to draw a picture of something that starts with W.
5.  Search for items around your house that begin with W.
6.  Play a game where everyone takes a turn stating a new W word.  The game is over when someone repeats an W word already stated.
7.  Practice tracing and writing the letter W. (click here for the W tracing page)
Extension activities….
Practice writing words that start with W.
Make a W Book…each page is an object that starts with W.
Read a book about something that starts with W like a whale book.
Try to find the letter W in the newspaper, a magazine, a book or while you are on a walk…I Spy the letter W
Try making a W with ojbects…put rocks in place to make a W, use sticks to make a W,  use Pretzels to make a W.
Have fun with the letter W today!