Haiti Hunger Fight

As many of you know, our dear friend Stivenson Jean-Baptiste has completed his reign as the King of Parkland College, returned home to Haiti, and is working as a Feeding Program Director for Trinity Hope. Please join us for a virtual visit with Stivenson, via Zoom, on Saturday, November 14 at 6 PM. In this brief (appx. 30 minutes) and lively event, you will see the program in action, hear about its impact on the children, and learn how you can help.
Zoom link:
Passcode: 932477

Our congregation partners with Trinity Hope to sponsor the Yahve-Nissi Christian School near Bainet, and the Institute Olivier Christian School in Port-Au-Prince. Trinity Hope* is a Lutheran ministry organization that focuses on one thing: feeding children in Christian schools throughout Haiti. For about 25 cents per child, Trinity Hope provides one meal five days per week for over 33,500 children. In many cases this is the only decent meal these children get each day.

When parents know their kids will be fed, they find a way to get them into school. Because they are Christian schools, the kids learn the Gospel along with their other studies. Because most of the schools are attached to churches, more kids (and their parents) end up attending church and learning more about Jesus, and His kingdom expands. Trinity Hope’s impact is physical, intellectual, and most importantly, spiritual. It is a win-win-win for the children and their families.

*Trinity Hope has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent evaluator of non-profit charities. Check them out at www.trinityhope.org.