Nutrition and Snacks

Wee Disciples Preschool provides a daily snack for your child. This nutritious snack consists of 100% real fruit juice in addition to a serving of fruit, vegetable,or grain item. A monthly snack schedule is posted at Wee Disciples and distributed to families. Each family is required to pay a snack fee at the beginning of the school year.

Wee Disciples Preschool follows a “Safe Snack List.” This is a list of snacks that we believe to be safe for children with the following allergies: eggs, milk, peanut, tree nuts and sesame seeds. All snacks provided are chosen from this list of food items. If your child is allergic to gluten we request that the family provides a daily snack for their child.

If your child has a food allergy:

  1. Notify your child’s teacher before the start of school
  2. Review the Wee Disciples Safe Snack List
  3. Complete the Wee Disciples Food Allergy Agreement Form
  4. If medication or an Epi-pen is prescribed for your child:

Birthdays: During the school year, we will celebrate your child’s birthday as close to his/her actual date as possible. The birthdays will be listed on the snack schedule. We will follow the Safe Snack List for snacks the day of the birthday. No food items can be brought from home for snack or as treats for birthdays. It is optional to send in one non-food party favor item to pass out to classmates on the day of your child’s birthday celebration. Some examples of party favors are a small book, bubbles, small toy, stickers, etc.